About Way of Gray

You know that


I’m so over women hating themselves, like seriously.

Way of Gray is about just that.

It’s about you looking in the mirror and loving the person you see.

It’s about being fucking stoked to be your most authentic self.

It’s about being weird and owning it.

It’s about not giving two shits what other people think about you – while still loving everyone unconditionally at the same time.

It’s about being happy, however that looks.

It’s about embracing your insecurities, and loving them exactly as they are.

It’s about accepting the shit out of yourself.

How do you do that?

You get to know yourself. You start a conversation with who you truly are. You ask yourself how you’re doing and actually listen to the answer. You dive deep into yourself and embrace every piece of lightness and darkness you find. You treat yourself like you would a loved one. You cultivate a practice where you strengthen the relationship you have with yourself.

Confused? I know I was. Way of Gray exists simply to connect you with YOU!

So, join the community. Start getting to know yourself & know that you’re fucking awesome.


About Sophie Gray


I’m so excited that you’re here!

My name is Sophie Gray and I built Way of Gray for you!

See, I spent years believing that I would be “enough” once I hit a certain weight, measurement and jean size. I struggled (and still struggle!) with low self-esteem and self-doubts.

But on my journey to become a Certified Nutritionist and Personal Trainer, I realized I had it all wrong.

Healthy living isn’t about hitting some magic (mythical) shape, size or weight. It’s about loving and being yourself!  The mirror and scale are always changing. The only constant is you.

That realization changed my life.

I could finally give myself permission to find what worked for me.

And what works for me are things that make me happy.

That’s why I don’t believe in crazy routines. I love simple wellness habits that I can easily incorporate into my daily life.

That includes anything chai latte or chocolate related. I’m a chocolate fanatic and always testing bars with a crazy high cacao content.

I just love food. (Like, a lot.)

I live in Edmonton, Alberta with my furbaby Rio. He’s an adorable little ball of mischief and his favorite pastime is walking on the table (where he’s not allowed) and attacking my legs for no reason.

Sometimes I skip a few days (or weeks) of workouts. Because hey, life happens!

And I still wear (and adore) my snowman pajamas from 8th grade. #winning

I can’t wait to help you build YOUR happiest and healthiest life.

Let’s get started!