One of my biggest insecurities is my lips. A ‘lack’ of an upper lip is a thing regularly discussed between the Gray girls (me and my sisters). I’ve even gone to the extent of asking all the makeup artists I work with to “overdraw” my lips when applying lip liner.

And it doesn’t help that almost everywhere you look on social media you see photos of celebrities posting stunning selfies featuring their perfect, full lips.

“The trend of perfect lips has taken off so much that someone is getting a lip implant procedure every 20 minutes in the States.” Patrice Waite, Salon

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for claiming your body as your own and doing with it as you please. I’m not knocking botox. I’m simply wanting to address the issue of where we feel as though we need to “fix ourselves” to be happy.

We have become victims to the whole idea that you have to be painted, polished and perfect to be beautiful.

This is just so incredibly wrong!

Altering your physical appearance (whether that be through botox or makeup) isn’t the way you’ll reach everlasting happiness. These things can be wonderful ways to empower yourself, but what happens when the botox wears off and the makeup washes away. Can you still say you love yourself then?

Here are four reasons why I would love for you to consider embracing your natural lips:

#1: Botox is a toxin

First and foremost, botox is an actual toxin. I don’t care that doctors are labeling it as “safe”. Lip injections fill your body with a foreign subject and that is never okay. We are exposed to toxins day in and day out, they’re unavoidable. Why add another one into the mix?

(Like I said, it’s not only botox that’s not great for you. One of the main ways women are introduced to toxins is through our makeup. Legit, there’s lead in a lot of lipsticks. Andddd, that’s why I only consider using products that are 100% natural, free from those toxic nasties and non-GMO.

My all time favourite natural lipbalm is eos Organic Smooth Sphere Lip Balm! It’s soo amazingly nourishing for my lips, packed with antioxidant-rich vitamin E, shea butter, and jojoba oil and it’s completely junk-free. You can learn more about them here.

#2: Your natural lips are easy to care for

Botox is expensive. Lipsticks are expensive. You know what’s not expensive? Embracing your beautiful natural lips!

You can enhance your own natural lips by simply drinking more water, avoiding lip smacking and licking your lips as well as using a natural lip balm.

I mentioned my personal favourite (eos) and not only are they natural, but they’re inexpensive as well!

#3: Perfect lips aren’t the path towards happiness

It’s all too easy to believe that we have to look in a certain way to truly become happy with our lives. We think we need to look just like someone else and live a life just as ‘perfect’ as theirs in order to be happy

Sorry but this is just BS. Our obsession with perfect lips is feeding into the belief that we have to look like someone other than ourselves to be happy.

Do you really think girls with luscious lips or a “perfect” body don’t have their down days?

Of course they do.

Looking a certain way doesn’t stop all of that stuff. What really makes you happy is what is right there inside your heart.

It’s about how passionate you are about living; whether you fill your life with adventures, whether you become the best version of yourself possible. It’s about listening to your heart and acting on your true inner wisdom. THAT is the path to true happiness.

So it’s time to stop wishing you were somehow better/thinner/prettier/had big lips or whatever because ultimately all of that stuff doesn’t really matter.

#4: Our youth are watching

It’s not just ourselves that we are affecting when we believe we need to become something to be lovable or happy. We’re influencing future generations of girls who will also believe that they’re not ‘enough’ exactly as they are.

Can you deal with that? Do you really want them to struggle with self-image and self-esteem like you or to embrace their true selves?

We need to lead by example and work towards loving and accepting ourselves. By doing so, we give permission to the younger generations to love and accept themselves exactly as they are.

So please, stop thinking that you need to look like someone else to be happy because that just isn’t true.

True happiness is about allowing your inner beauty to shine through and not being afraid to show the world who you are. Happiness is within, not a full set of lips.

(PS… If you are looking to embrace your natural lips and want to provide them a dose of nourishment, check out eos! They make the most incredible flavoured lip balms on this planet (like Blueberry Acai and Honeysuckle Honeydew). They are also all botanically-sourced, 95% organic and make my lips feel soo nourished. Get yourself some and we can be lipbalm twins!)

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of eos Products, LLC. Of course, the opinions and text are all mine.