I have a confession to make…


You see, we talk about self love all the time on Way of Gray.

And I’m always trying to be your personal cheerleader- supporting you to face the insecurities you have about your weight, your body shape, with your skin.


I want you to start loving and respecting yourself a whole lot more.

I want you to break free from any body issues that hold you back and stop you feeling as confident and deserving of your own self love as you should.

And all this time, I’ve been hiding my own insecurities about my skin and acne under a layer of makeup and denial.


But it’s time to come clean…

It’s time to wipe away the makeup, deep breath and be very brave.

It’s time to face my fears and show you that I’m right there on this journey with you. I’m facing the very same struggles as you and I know your pain.
So please, watch my emotional video below and share in MY own personal fight against my insecurities. I’d love to see you.