How To Become Your Own Best Friend

Receive step-by-step instructions for falling in love with yourself.

Are you at war with yourself?

You look in the mirror and hate what you see. You’re exhausted.

You have tried every workout program and diet plan and failed.

It’s not your fault.

Our society has lead us to believe we have to be someone other than ourselves to love who we are.

If you can relate to this problem, I have the solution for you.

Our Lovestyle Tribe is an incredibly inspiring community that will turn you into your very own best friend. A friend, who looks in the mirror and loves who she sees.

Your first day of being a member will immediately reunite you with the part of you that knows you're worthy of love.

If you start today, you can finally put an end to the war you’re waging on yourself.

Imagine what it would be like to look in the mirror and not desperately want to be someone else?

Maybe you’re wondering how I could ever understand what you’re going through?

Well, because, I have been there.

My own struggle with low self esteem lead me down a path of self destructive behavours. I spend my teens covered in cuts from my own doing. My early twenties were spent abusing myself through exercise and restricted eating habits. My own anxiety has caused panic attacks, breakdowns and left me feeling unworthy of my own love.

I understand on the deepest level what it’s like to want to be someone else, and that’s why I’m here and that’s why I created this community.


Our Lovestyle Tribe is a jam packed with programs that will...


    You’ll learn simple techniques that will help you form a better relationship with yourself, a self that is hard not to love.


    You’ll break free from your insecurities with our easy to follow programs.


    With this membership, you’ll be given the tools you need to better handle what life throws at you.

How Our Community Feels About Way of Gray

The Instagram quick fixes seem to be everywhere you look. But, then there's Sophie. Her message is unlike any other. Instead of punishing my body into being fit & strong, which I never seemed to be able to maintain results, I'm learning to do the best for my body in every way I can.

Rosie Haigh

Having struggled severely with eating disorders and exercise addiction where nothing is ever good enough, Way of Gray was a breath of fresh air. Sophie's lovely, warm and honest approach is what we need in this politically crooked world of fakeness and judgement. The one thing I have really gained from the program is strength, both physically and emotionally. It is a long journey but one that I am happy to be on.

Natalie Fladager

Genuine and humble yet bold and confident, Way of Gray channels women to see our imperfections into authentic beauty. Sophie inspires me to go from being my worst enemy to my very own best friend.

Mary Mik

When I started with Way of Gray I was only focused on the workout portions and getting fit. It took a little while for me to realize that the other components to life Sophie talks about are just as, if not more important to a healthy life. Now, I try to challenge myself to use mindful thinking and self love with my everyday decisions. It has not been always successful, but I am slowly getting away from emotional eating and negative thoughts, and with that I find I am enjoying life and not stressing about my body image.

Cheri Sharko

What You’ll Get:

  • In-Depth Programs

    You will receive access to our best selling programs. This includes our Love Yourself Workout Program, 28-Day Self Love Guide, Pantry Takeover 101 plus many others. These programs will help you learn how to take care of your body and your mind.

  • Supportive Community

    This lifestyle is hard, and doing it by yourself is even harder. By being a member of our Lovestyle Tribe you get access to our incredibly supportive community. You can connect with your fellow members through our interactive forums and our Facebook Group. You won’t have to do this alone.

  • Exclusive Resources

    By being a member, you’ll receive access to a selection of exclusive member-only tools, printable worksheets, checklists and more. You’ll also receive special perks and discounts simply for being apart of our community.

  • Monthly Accountability Challenges

    Each month we run member only challenges geared towards motivating you to stay on track. These challenges cover a variety of topics with each specifically designed to empower you to take care of yourself. These challenges also feature incredible giveaways that will make your healthy lifestyle that much easier.

  • Direct Support

    By being a member of our Lovestyle Tribe you will have access to direct support for anything you’re facing. You’ll have the opportunity to get your questions answered and receive the support you need.

  • Unlimited access To Our Membership Website
  • 12 months worth of workouts
  • Nutrition guides and recipes
  • Mental wellbeing programs including meditation, journaling and mirror work
  • Monthly accountability challenges
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Have questions?

  • q-iconCan I cancel the membership at any time?

    Yes, you can! With the month to month options there are no monthly commitments. You are free to cancel at any time. Though, you truly won’t want to once you’re within the community!

  • q-iconI already have your Love Yourself Workout programs, why should I sign up?

    Our Lovestyle Tribe is about so much more than our workouts. We have countless other programs plus our monthly challenges, live events and our supportive community. With this you get access to absolutely everything and are able to take care of your entire self.

  • q-iconI'm from somewhere other than North America, can I still be a member?

    Absolutely! Our Lovestyle Tribe is available worldwide!

  • q-iconWhy should I become a member today instead of waiting?

    Our exciting bonuses are only available for a very limited amount of time. These bonuses come at no extra charge to you and will only help you see results quicker and more effectively.

  • q-iconDo you add new programs to the Lovestyle Tribe?

    Absolutely! We are releasing new programs every month and our challenge theme changes each and every month. We also have two live events each month about entirely new topics.

  • q-iconAre the materials available right away?

    Yes! Upon signing up for the Lovestyle Tribe you will get unlimited access to everything we have to offer!

  • q-iconI have more questions, where can I ask them?

    You can send us an email to with any questions you have!

If you still have questions, or something is unclear, please email us at Well get back to you within 24 hours. 
  • Unlimited access To Our Membership Website
  • 12 months worth of workouts
  • Nutrition guides and recipes
  • Mental wellbeing programs including meditation, journaling and mirror work
  • Monthly accountability challenges
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