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healthy living where should you start?

Leading a healthy lifestyle can be intimating, trust me. How long should you workout for? How many glasses of water should you drink in a day? HOW OFTEN SHOULD YOU EAT SUPERFOODS? Yah, I’m sure these are just a few of the questions racing through your brain. Andddd, if that’s the case – then I’m glad you’re here!

Here at Way of Gray HQ, it’s our mission to help you succeed with this energizing and empowering healthy lifestyle. We want you to be your happiest and healthiest self and so we’ll be here providing both inspiring content and powerful services that will help you get there the easy way! Even if you feel completely overwhelmed when you first visit our website, you’ll soon understand exactly how to break down those initial first steps into manageable bite-sized pieces so you can get started on the right foot!

First things first, let’s clear up some common misconceptions:


Do it
for the right


First and foremost – we want you to adopt this lifestyle for the right reason.

When I started my personal journey, I wanted nothing more than to be a Victoria’s Secret model. I thought if I worked out hard and limited what I ate, I would be happy. Oh boy was I wrong. I started this lifestyle for all of the wrong reasons.

Does this process sound familiar?

“Okay I’m going to workout really hard because I want to lose ten pounds

Awesome…two weeks straightfeeling motivated. Yup, I’m going to look like Blake Lively.

Yup, let’s workout and eat 500 calories

Yup, okay, I can miss a workout today I have tomorrow to work towards that Blake bod

Yah it’s been three weeks, but that’s okay because I’m not worried about my appearance right now. I’m just going to neglect my diet and exercise routine because those ten pounds can wait and McDonalds is delicious

Oh shit, it’s been six weeks since I’ve worked out, and I’ve gained another 10 pounds and now I hate myself even more

Okay, time to start working towards that Blake bod again.”

And so the cycle continues…

Just goes to show how easy it is to veer off-track when your focus is solely physical.

Now imagine if instead, your main goal was to be your happiest and healthiest self – would it be as easy to talk yourself out of living a healthy lifestyle? I don’t think so.

We want you to adopt this lifestyle because you love your body and want the absolute best for it. Of course you will lose weight and tone up – but that shouldn’t be your only motivating factor.

Okay, now that you’re doing for this the right reasons – let’s talk about nutrition and exercise.

Take care
of your body



Let’s take a moment to appreciate how wonderful and delicious food is…Mmmmmm.

Not feeling the love? Don’t worry, I’ve been there, too. I know what it’s like to see food as the enemy. Or to think that getting results is about deprivation and endless salads. Well girlfriend, that’s most definitely not the case.

Food is not the enemy. (Although deprivation and calorie counting certainly are. They can ruin your metabolism and blood sugar. Yikes!)

Food IS amazing, exciting and delicious. And by the way, I’m talking about healthy food!

We love food here at Way of Gray, and we eat copious amounts of the stuff each and every day. It keeps our energy levels high, smiles on our faces and that inner glow at full strength. We believe in nourishing our bodies, feeding our souls and enjoying each and every bite. Check out our channels for a plethora of recipes that aren’t just nutritious – they’re delicious, too!



Results are a cinch once you learn all the scientifically proven, insider tricks you need to transform your unique bod. And no, you don’t need to spend your life at the gym, bored out of your mind. Remember, this is meant to be a lifestyle. That means we want you to actually enjoy your life!

We have everything you need to find the perfect workout routine for your schedule, body and goals. The fact that you’ll have fun, stay motivated and get results in the shortest possible time is just a bonus. Whether you’re brand new to exercising or just looking for something new, we have you covered!


Take care
your mind


You are SO deserving of your own love and it’s time you recognise that awesome fact.


We want you to wake up EVERY DAY knowing that you’re incredible and worthy of respect from others and from yourself. Respect starts with you.

We also want you to take the time to stop each day and appreciate all of the wonderful things you’re doing in your life! (Reading this counts.)

Remember: real self-love isn’t a jean size. It’s a mindset. We’re here to help you nurture your positive mindset and nourish your inner self-confidence so you can become your healthiest AND happiest self! You’ll find countless resources, conversations and inspiration on Way of Gray that will empower you to grow your self love, self worth and healthier mindset.

Ready to make some changes now? Join our FREE self-love challenge (perfect for teaching you how to slow down and connect with your incredible self).

Prefer hard copy inspiration? Then check out our best-selling Lovestyle Journal! It’s the perfect healthy lifestyle companion AND it’s packed full of reminders to slow down, turn up the volume on your gratitude and reflect on how truly incredible you are. Check it out over here! (lnsert link)

Okay, beautiful. Now that you’re armed with everything on this page AND the vast collection of Way of Gray wisdom, you can start moving towards the healthy, happy life you deserve. It’s going to be amazing.

We’ll be here for you, every step of the way!

Sending you all of the love,

Sophie & The Way of Gray Team